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We got news! Change is coming 2021!

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Hello Happy Snoutz Family! We are excited to tell you guys about some new ideas we have been sitting on during this crazy year. So, sit tight and make sure you read to the end!

This coming year, 2021, we will be making a few price changes to some of our services. We have expanded our facility and grown our team to offer more availability for our services while continuing to strive for excellence in your pet's care. For this we will be incorporating a small increase in selected services.

We want to let our existing clients know ahead of time so that it does not serve as a shock upon check out and so you understand where it is, we are coming from. Prices are always subject to change, but we feel it is important you know in advance!

As you know, we provide exceptional Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming. Some price changes may be significant, while others will probably not be noticed. The increased demand raises our expenses for staff members and equipment, while maintaining a decent profit margin. After all, we are a business and a small one at that.

As much as we wish we could continue to keep our original prices, our expectations are ever growing. Meaning we must adjust our prices, to maintain and keep beating expectations. We want to always provide your pet the best there is, so we strive to find the absolute best team members, the best products, and the best techniques to make your furbaby happy. We love all our furry friends and want to keep seeing them! If you cannot continue bringing them to us, we understand the circumstances are open for discussion.

Beginning 01-01-2021 our new prices will take effect.

As well as some new features. Along with the price changes, we are also introducing new packages for our regular and loyal customers.

Starting off the New Year with new configurations. We will begin to offer Daycare and Grooming Memberships.

Make sure to ask about them next time you come by!

Thanks again, we wish for a very happy end of the year for everyone!

See you next time!

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