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 There are different factors that go into shaping the prices of our grooming services. Those being the size of your dog, the state and texture of their coat, the existence of any tangles or mats, the presence of any parasites, and your pet's personality.

Our Standard Bath is given with non-toxic oatmeal infused shampoo and conditioner.

The service includes ear cleaning and/or plucking, anal gland expression, nail clipping,

a 15 min brush out, and a haircut.

 Full Grooming is always completed by a trained, and experienced canine stylist.

Prices starting at $75 Call us during our business hours for more information.

A Breed Specific Cut Starts at $85

   Since it does cause them discomfort and pain.

   We only untangle matted hair on pets, on a case by case basis.

Your pet's happiness and welfare is of utmost importance to us.

We can take you through the most comfortable options for your pet during your consultation.


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