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Welcome to the Happy Snoutz Pet Resort Membership Page!

Join our exclusive pack membership and treat your furry friends to an unparalleled experience of love, care, and fun. As a member, you'll gain access to a range of fantastic benefits that will keep tails wagging and make your pets feel like VIPs.

🐾 Membership Details:

For $500 per month, you can enroll your first pet in our pack membership. Additional pets can be added for $125 each, ensuring that all your beloved companions can enjoy the perks together.

🐶 Unbeatable Benefits:

1. 10% Discount on Boarding: Enjoy a generous 10% discount on all boarding services, giving you peace of mind knowing that your pets are well-cared for during their stays.

2. Unlimited Daycare: Let your dogs frolic and play to their heart's content with unlimited daycare sessions. Our safe and supervised environment ensures they have a blast while you go about your day worry-free.

3. Pampering Bath: Treat your furry friends to One Free Bath per month, keeping them fresh, clean, and looking their absolute best.

4. Fantastic Savings on Ear Cleaning and Nail Trimmings: Keep their ears clean and their nails perfectly manicured with an exclusive 30% off on ear cleaning and nail trimmings.

5. Discounted Birthday Parties: Celebrate your pet's special day with a memorable birthday party. As a member, you'll receive an exciting 20% discount on these fun-filled events. Our dedicated staff will prepare and photograph the festivities, ensuring your furbaby feels extra special on their birthday.

📅 Extended Hours for Members:

We understand the importance of convenience for our valued members. While our store hours for regular guests are Tuesday to Friday from 7am to 6pm, and Saturday from 8am to 5pm (closed on Sundays), we've decided to go the extra mile for our members. We are thrilled to open our doors exclusively for members on Mondays, ensuring that you have access to our exceptional services Six days a week.

Membership Requirements:

To ensure the safety and harmony of all our furry guests, all pups are required to pass a Temperament Evaluation prior to purchasing a membership. This evaluation helps us understand their unique needs and ensure compatibility within our resort.

💳 Hassle-Free Payments:

Our membership program is designed to make your life easier. Memberships require a card to be saved on file, and payments are processed automatically every 30 days, saving you time and effort.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to give your pets the ultimate Happy Snoutz experience. Join our pack membership today and unlock a world of happiness for your beloved companions. Contact us now to get started!

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During our peak seasons we close for general daycare. Our members have the privilege of attending daycare during these closures! At these times of the year, our guests participate in seasonal celebrations that our staff prepares just for our boarding pups and our members.


Birthday Parties are some of our specialty services! These exciting events are prepared and photographed by our loving staff to make your furbaby feel extra special on their birthday. Pet parents provide with treats and cake and we do the rest! You can find all Birthday Parties on our social media stories the day of and recieve all photos and videos taken. Birthday parties are usually $25

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