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Join Our Pack! 🐾

At Happy Snoutz Pet Resort, we pride ourselves on blending fun, professionalism, and safety.

As part of our dedicated team, every role plays a pivotal part in maintaining the 'wag-tegrity' of our establishment.

Boarding Specialists: Not only narrate tail-chasing bedtime tales but are also our front-line heroes, ensuring all sleepover suites are spick and span for each furry guest. They’re on constant patrol, keeping an eye out for anything & everything to make sure our guests have the time of their lives!

Bathing Specialists: Have a splash of a time turning muddy pups into clean pups ready to show! Now, it's not just about bubbles and brushes. They're the guardians of hygiene, with a mission to make every dog feel like royalty while ensuring each tub and brush is sanitized to perfection.

Doggie Daycare Attendants: These furiends aren’t just referees for tug-of-war tournaments. They're vigilant playtime pros that also oversee the sacred doggy code of conduct and ensure play areas are always clean and safe.


If you're imagining an endless session of belly rubs and fetch, put your paws on the brakes! We run a clean, tight ship here. It's crucial that our space remains spotless for every tail-wagging guest arriving. It is also important to know, everyone on our team is of importance. Reliability is a must for our furry family!

So, if you're ready to dive nose-first into a world where laughter meets responsibility, and where every dog's safety is as crucial as their playtime, then our pack might just have a spot for you.


Bring your passion, your diligence, a woofin' good attitude, and let's make magic together!


Dig in and jump on board! Complete the application below.

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