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New doggy owners!

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Daycare 101

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Looking for Day Care for your pup?

Finding the best day care facility for your pet can be quite tedious, and it should be! You want to be completely confident your pup will be in good hands. It’s important to understand that, based on your pet’s needs, they may not be the best fit for certain facilities or vice versa. My recommendations are to take all the steps necessary to ease your mind and

ensure the perfect place for your pet.

A quick and easy way to get familiar with a facility is online. Visiting the website gives owners an overview on how the day care may work along with their basic contact information. If they are on a common social media platform as you, check it out! You’d be surprised at the information one could acquire by doing some simple research. This goes for reviews as well. Read through a few. What is it people love most? What are some cons you may have read? Reading through these may lead you to ask more questions. It does not always mean you need rule the day care out; it just means you may have to dig a little deeper. The next step would be to give them a call and have them answer anything that could have puzzled you and while you’re at it, schedule a tour of the location! Internet access allows for quick information that is especially beneficial when you’re having to do lengthy research on a place your furbaby will be attending regularly.

One of the best ways to get a sense of a location is to make a visit in person. Meet the staff and have your questions ready! Great facilities encourage pet owners to ask as much as they need. We want to make sure that there will be no question of your dog’s safety and happiness while you are away. Important questions will vary based on your pet’s needs. For example, if your pet is of a brachycephalic breed, is the staff knowledgeable in the attention they may need? Will their time be monitored outdoors on those hot days? Are there cooling stations? AC? Pools? If so, how deep? General questions about vaccine requirements, temperament evaluations, and parasitic preventatives also prove how strict a facility may be in ensuring every dog’s safety. As a pet owner you want to make sure everything is secure. That goes for fences, doors, food availability, and even a controlled climate system. By touring a location, you get to smell, touch, see, and hear where your pup will spend most of their day. Most times this is the deciding factor in choosing the best day care for your pup .

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